Serato DJ – Stream your tracklist live

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serato-dj-whiteFor years I’ve been trying to figure out how to stream the tracklist live from Serato to Twitter and IRC. The latter is mainly motivated by the fact that NSB Radio has a chatroom and it’s being hosted on an IRC server.

I had already been able to get the so called SSl Scrobbler working, but seeing that typing your track names into the chat while you’re trying to maintain a mix is rather tedious, I never could let the IRC option go and to my great surprise, it turns out that both scripts – the SSL Scrobbler, and the IRCCat have continuously been developed and now work fine on my Mac OSX platform.


Beatport Pro Update

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Beatport Pro

Now here’s an update I was excited about. Where Beatport used to have an iphone app that wasn’t the worst, their “beatport pro” for Mac has been in use by me from the get go. Today I was urged to update and I have to say the app looks slick as hell. It has a completely redesigned interface, and the ability to manage all your sound files, not just what you’ve purchased through Beatport.